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Saturday, 26 March 2011


Yesterday I read a tweet that started a discussion with someone, which got me on a bit of a tear. @sirmyke tweeted: "this cnn guys cover egypt and libya then wen covering ivory coast they say 'lets now go to africa'. #wtf".
Couldn't agree more re wtf. Two thoughts come to mind. First, since when does North Africa not belong in Africa? Even my family in Egypt sometimes refer to themselves as Middle Easterners. However one should expect a supposed international news org to get it right. CNN, really? wtf indeed. Second, why is it that people think of Africa as a country? It is a continent. I will not get into the politics of whether there are 51, 54 or 60-something countries, sovereign states or territories. Suffice to say there are countries, lots of them, that are located in Africa;  but Africa is not a country. Even if Sarah Palin thinks it is.

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