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Friday, 8 April 2011


Even when we think we have the neutral or righteous side of a story, we may be surprised to learn we don't. Perhaps it is the lesser evil, but it doesn't make our original viewpoint correct.

In a current conflict, I thought the side I knew was the righteous side. A chance @ mention led me to check out some new tweeps and their tweeps. Lo and behold, a previously unheard viewpoint. With evidence that showed my original viewpoint - although apparently held by many others - might in fact be flawed. The king indeed has no clothes. Interesting that among these new voices, was admittance that neither king had clothes.

Naked afore the world - the truth exposed for all to see. Wake-up call for me.

I thought I knew. Obviously I knew, but despite my usual efforts, I knew only one side. Now of course there will always be differing points, and the occasional shouts against the norm, but what has impressed me is that even the most-exposed, the most-obvious, the most-talked-about, the most "righteous", may sometimes be just as wrong as the other side.

Thank you Nii.

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